Membership of the AUPHF is open to all Professors of French and to Heads of French Departments or Sections in the UK and Ireland, or to those who have an equivalent leadership role in the discipline. We have served our subject community for over 60 years and hope to do so even more effectively in the future with the support and membership of all of its leaders.

For more information on the benefits of joining the AUPHF, please contact the Membership Secretary, Dr Fransiska Louwagie at FL47@le.ac.uk

To join, please download the membership payment proforma here.

About Us

What makes AUPHF distinctive within French Studies is not only its breadth, embracing the whole range of the discipline in UK and Irish HEIs today, but its role in bringing together those with leadership roles in the subject. It provides opportunities for us to share experiences and perspectives, and to lobby collectively in the interest of French and francophone studies in partnership with other subject-specific organisations, in ways that support institutional and broader HEI strategy and support for modern languages.

Executive Committee

Prof. Marion Schmid

University of Edinburgh

Prof. Adrian Armstrong


Centenary Professor of French / Head of School. SLLF, School of Languages, Linguistics & Film, Queen Mary University of London.

Honorary Secretary
Prof. Sarah Waters


Professor of French.
School of Languages, Cultures & Societies, University of Leeds.

Honorary Treasurer
Prof. Margaret Topping


Professor of French Literary & Visual Cultures / Dean of the Graduate School.
Queen’s University, Belfast.

Membership Secretary
Dr Fransiska Louwagie

Lecturer in French Studies.
Director of Enterprise, School of Arts, University of Leicester

Prof. Billy Grove


Professor of French & Text/Image Studies.
School of Modern Languages & Cultures, Stirling Maxwell Centre for the Study of Text/Image Cultures, University of Glasgow.
Ordinary Member

Dr Chris Reynolds


Reader in Contemporary French & European Studies/French Subject Leader.
School of Arts & Humanities, Nottingham Trent University.
Ordinary Member

Prof. Marion Demossier


Professor of French & European Studies/Head of Department.
Modern Languages & Linguistics, University of Southampton.
Ordinary Member

Dr Emmanuelle Labeau

Senior Lecturer in French Language & Linguistics/Head of French.
School of Languages & Social Sciences, Aston University.
Ordinary Member

Prof. Emma Cayley

Associate Professor of Medieval French
Univeristy of Exeter
Ordinary Member

Prof. Martin Hurcombe

Professor of French Studies
University of Bristol
Ordinary Member

Former Chairs and Presidents of AUPHF

1946-194?:Prof. F. C. Green
194?-1949:Prof. Vinaver
1949:Prof. Ewert[…]
1974:Prof. Alan Steele[…]
1977:Prof. F. W. Leakey
1978:Prof. J. C. Ireson
1979:Prof .R. J. North
1980:Prof. Francis Higman
1981:Prof. Margaret McGowan
1982:Prof. Haydn Mason
1983:Prof. Malcolm Bowie
1984:Prof. Keith McWatters

1985-88:Prof. David Williams
1988-91:Prof. Michael Kelly
1991-93:Prof. Jennifer Birkett
1994-97:Prof. Jill Forbes
1997-98:Prof. David Walker
1998-2002:Prof. Naomi Segal
2002-04:Prof. Tim Unwin
2004-07:Prof. John Gaffney
2007-10:Prof. Lucille Cairns
2010-13:Prof. Mary Bryden
2013-2017:Prof. Adrian Armstrong
2017-2018:Prof. Claire Gorrara
2018:Prof. Marion Schmid

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