Welcome to AUPHF+
Advocating for French and Francophone Studies in the UK and Ireland

Welcome to AUPHF+
Advocating for French and Francophone Studies in the UK and Ireland

Welcome to AUPHF+
Advocating for French and Francophone Studies in the UK and Ireland

Welcome to AUPHF+
Advocating for French and Francophone Studies in the UK and Ireland

Welcome to AUPHF+
Advocating for French and Francophone Studies in the UK and Ireland

At the AUPHF+, our mission is to defend the specificity of French within the general advocacy for languages within the UK and Ireland. We represent and nurture all areas of French studies, including French language, French and francophone literature, film, culture, history, politics and linguistics.

Like all other Subject Associations, AUPHF+ exists to serve the subject constituency, representing its interests, monitoring its changing needs and encouraging the exchange of ideas. Our role and remit are wide-ranging - the precise nature of our aims is set out in the Mission Statement that we have published on this site - and we are regularly consulted by funding councils and government.

We warmly welcome members from all stages, including Postgraduates and Early Career Academics

Our aims are...

To promote and support the visibility of French and francophone studies within the HE sector in partnership with subject-specific organisations.

A key part of this is to support the development of current and future advocates in French and Francophone Studies.

To collaborate and work with major non-HE stakeholders in order to further teaching innovation, research partnership and collaboration, and public engagement and knowledge exchange. These stakeholders include AHRC, ESRC, Leverhulme, as well as language-focused schemes such as Routes into Languages

To advocate and lobby on modern language issues with significant external policy makers and decision-makers, above all the UK government, devolved governments, and the Irish government. The changing landscape of HE in the aftermath of the EU Referendum vote has significantly increased the importance and urgency of this function

To increase the reach and presence of French and francophone studies by developing and supporting increased international cooperation with French and francophone organisations and networks, as well as bodies that support intercultural cooperation on a  global stage

About Us

The Association of University Professors of French, as it was then known, was founded in 1946, at the same time as or just after the foundation of the Society for French Studies. Most instrumental in the initiative was Professor A. Carey Taylor, cited as the ‘véritable père’ of the Association’ in a minute of the Annual Conference of 1976, shortly after his death in 1975.

Meet our Executive Committee Find out more about us

Latest News & Events

Apply now AUPHF+ Small Grants

We are pleased to offer small grants to AUPHF+ members who are unable to claim support or have limited support from their home institution to help defray the costs of research events (conferences, study days, workshops etc.). For more info: AUPHF+ Small Grants

Let's Study French at Uni!
Winning Reports

AUPHF+ is pleased to report back from the Let's Study French at Uni funding opportunity. The funds, worth £500 each, were for student-led projects to promote the study of French and Francophone Studies at University.
The winners were:
- Josie Sharp, Exeter, for a project that inspired interest in GCSE students to continue their study through school engagment in Exeter involving guest lectures, workshops, a session on YA and French at university and a research competition.
- Sadie Berry-Firth for a 3-month mentoring programme for 16-17 year olds from Northern Ireland, which included weekly sessions on language and francophone literature, a special session on university applications, and a final event at Queen's University Belfast.
More information here: Project 1 Report
Project 2 Report???????

Recording: AUPHF+ Annual Event 4 May 2022

The AUPHF+ 2022 annual workshop considered the theme of how our teaching and research is and can be transformed through a process of decentring. The event comprised two panels of flash presentations by early career researchers who will share their thoughts on the topic. There was also be a keynote lecture by the novelist Michael Ferrier and a discussion led by Dr Emmanuelle Labeau (Aston). 
The recording of the keynote is here: Michaël Ferrier keynote
Recording of ECR papers and Workshop with Emmanuelle Labeau: AUPHF+ Annual Event

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