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Exec Committee Recruitment: President, Vice-President and Treasurer

AUPHF+ invites applications to its Executive Committee for the following roles: President, Vice-President and Treasurer. More information: Exec Roles

Undergraduate Funding Opportunity: Let's Study French at Uni! 2023 edition

AUPHF+ is pleased to report back from the Let's Study French at Uni funding opportunity. The funds, worth £500 each, were for student-led projects to promote the study of French and Francophone Studies at University.
The winners were:
- Josie Sharp, Exeter, for a project that inspired interest in GCSE students to continue their study through school engagment in Exeter involving guest lectures, workshops, a session on YA and French at university and a research competition.
- Sadie Berry-Firth for a 3-month mentoring programme for 16-17 year olds from Northern Ireland, which included weekly sessions on language and francophone literature, a special session on university applications, and a final event at Queen's University Belfast.

Here are the reports from our two winning projects:
1. Beyond the Métropole based in NI: Project 1 Report
2. Promoting French and Francophone Studies: Project 2 Report


Small Grants

We are pleased to offer small grants to AUPHF+ members who are unable to claim support or have limited support from their home institution to help defray the costs of research events (conferences, study days, workshops etc.). For more information and to apply: AUPHF+ Small Grants

University of Aberdeen Proposed Cuts

As the Executive Committee of the Association of University Professors and Heads of French+, we wish to express our grave concern at recent news concerning the proposal to cut Modern Languages programmes at the University of Aberdeen. Full statement here: Response to UoA proposed cuts 

Annual Event: Sept 2023 Recording

View the recording our Annual Event kindly hosted by the ILCS in London: Saskia Huc-Hepher (University of Westminster): 'En(tre les) ligne(s): Reading between the lines, modes and materialities of the London French “diasberspace”': 

Proposed cuts to staff at Birkbeck, University of London

AUPHF+ is alarmed by the proposed cuts to academic and support staff at Birkbeck, University of London. Read our statement here: Birkbeck Statement

AUPHF+ Annual Event: Decentring French Studies (Recording available)

AUPHF+'s annual workshop 2022 was the third in a series that has discussed the future of French and Francophone Studies in the twenty-first century. This year we considered the broader theme of how our teaching and research is and can be transformed through a process of decentring. The event comprised two panels of flash presentations by early career researchers who shared their thoughts on the topic. There was also a keynote lecture by the novelist Michaël Ferrier and a discussion led by Dr Emmanuelle Labeau (Aston).
Recording of keynote by Michaël Ferrier: Decentring French Studies with Michaël Ferrier
Recording of ECR papers and Workshop with Emmanuelle Labeau: AUPHF+ Annual Event


Let's Study French at Uni! Undergraduate Competition Winners 2022

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 'Let's Study French at Uni! Undergraduate Competition'! The two chosen projects are:
1. SAVE LANGUAGE LEARNING NORTHERN IRELAND with Jason Bunting, Ravi Munglani, Rachel Ashe, Laura McCaw, Jon Nield (Queen’s University Belfast). The campaign Save Language Learning Northern Ireland was created in February 2022, with the aim of securing commitments in advance of May’s Assembly election from each political party to improve language education by immediately acting to introduce modern languages as a compulsory part of the primary school curriculum and reinstate the compulsory languages at GCSE level. Current students, former students, schools (including teachers and pupils) are participating in the project. The campaign committee is comprised entirely of current students (including students of French) as well as former students of French at QUB. As part of the campaign, the committee plans to host outreach activities in secondary schools through organising voluntary language taster sessions and developing a national network of schools and indeed pupils willing to continue this campaign.

2. FRENCH STUDIES OUTREACH with Imogen Tawn, Joshua Winfield, Anna Talbert, Annie Chow (University of Oxford). Our outreach program aims to inspire students from a state school background in their first year of sixth form to study French at university, and to provide them with useful resources to support them writing their personal statement. Focusing on around ten schools in the West Midlands, the project will be comprised of a discussion on the benefits of studying French at university, followed by a selection of interactive workshops discussing topics not covered by the A-Level French syllabus such as French art, poetry, and the limitations of translation.    

Recording: Applying for a PhD and Navigating the Job Market in French Studies: Workshops for Early Career Researchers

AUPHF+ invites you to watch our recorded programme of events for those who are applying for a PhD and those who are ECAs navigating the job market in French Studies. Sessions include applying for a Lectureship, Postdoctoral fellowship, Teaching fellowship or PhD. Watch back here: AUPHF+ PGR ECR sessions 

In Love with Languages: 2021 Winners

AUPHF+ is thrilled to announce the prize winners of its 'In Love with Languages' video competition, Shawn Khefet from University of Lancaster ('In Love with Languages' Prize) and Sophie Cackett from University of Bangor ('How Languages Can Change your Life' Prize). Congratulations to Shawn and Sophie on their witty and enthusiastic performances and we hope you'll enjoy their videos which you can access here.

Proposed closure of the Department of History, Languages and Translation, Aston Univeristy

AUPHF+ has written the following letter in response to the proposed closure of the Department of History, Languages and Translation at Aston Univeristy. 

Decolonising French Studies Workshop 

A Workshop Organised by AUPHF+ 
Wednesday, 12 May, 2-5pm 

In this online event, we invited speakers and participants to consider the ways in which the discipline of French Studies can be expanded and transformed through processes of decolonisation. Click here for more deatils, including the programme. You can also now view the recorded sessions via this link


Open to all UK undergraduates in French and Francophone Studies
Full details available here
Please also see the following guidelines

Co-signed letter on UK withdrawl from the Erasmus+ programme

AUPHF+ has joined a range of learened societies and organisations in adding its signature and support to the attached UCML letter urging the UK government to reconsider its position and to ensure that the Turing scheme offers the same or increased opportunities as the Erasmus+ programme.

Plans to Cut the Arts and Humanities at the University of Roehampton

AUPHF+ has written the following letter in response to the proposed plans to cut Arts and Humanities at the University of Roehampton  

Proposed closure of the Institutes of Latin American Studies and Commonwealth Studies

AUPHF+ has written the following letter in response to the proposed closure of the Institutes of Latin American Studies and Commonwealth Studies

Digital Challenges In French And Francophone Studies

Half-Day Workshop, Wednesday 8 July, 2-5pm

Since the beginning of lockdown, Universities have rapidly adapted to various forms of online teaching and remote assessment. This virtual half-day workshop, organised by the Association of University Professors and Heads of French+ (AUPHF+), sought to support colleagues in Modern Languages Departments in the shift to hybrid or blended learning in 2020/21.

New Deal For UK Higher Education

The AUPHF+ is one of 48 professional associations representing diverse research fields to sign a letter calling for a ‘New Deal for UK Higher Education’ that outlines our profound concern about the future of higher education in the UK. This letter has been sent to all Ministers for Education and can be read here.

Save The British Council

The AUPHF+ has written a letter to the governement  in support of the British Council. 
Full letter available here

Closure of the Languages Programme at Sunderland

AUPHF+-SFS-ASMCF statement on the closure of the Languages programme at the University of Sunderland
Click here for the full letter

French and Francophone Futures

A one-day workshop organised by the Association of University Professors and Heads of French+ (AUPHF+), co-sponsored by the Society for French Studies, on changing mindsets and rethinking the value of languages.
For more information, click here.
A number of the presentations from this event are available here:
- Annette Götzkes (University of Edinburgh): ‘Languages Beyond University: a new Student-Led Course in Collaboration with Edinburgh City Council’ 
- Debra Kelly (University of Westminster, Co-I and Deputy Director on the AHRC-funded OWRI project, Language Acts and Worldmaking),‘Worldmaking as a Way of Transforming (Modern) Languages
- Emma Gilby (University of Cambridge), ‘Learning Together: Teaching French Literature and Film in HMP Whitemoor

AUPHF+ protests against planned restructuring of Modern Languages at Reading

As the Executive Committee of the Association of University Professors and Heads of French+ we are writing to express our dismay at the planned restructuring of Modern Languages provision at the University of Reading. We understand that the University is planning a merger between the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies (MLES) and the Institution Wide Language Programme (IWLP), resulting in cuts of between 8 and 13 staff FTEs across German, French, Spanish and Italian. 
Click here for the full letter

AUPHF+, together with AHA, have issued a warning about the damaging effects of Brexit on Arts and Humanities disciplines in the UK.

Modern Languages: Most Modern Languages degrees currently involve a compulsory year abroad. Interruption to Erasmus+ student and staff mobility schemes will reduce the attractiveness of our programmes to UK and international students; jeopardise their intellectual and pedagogical coherence; and further accelerate the decline in the study of languages highlighted by the British Council, exacerbating the serious deficit in UK language skills. In creating a more hostile environment for EU language teachers in the UK it will cause a shortage of teachers. Almost everything we teach is about communication with, and openness to, European cultures, languages, history and peoples. 

Click here for the full AHA statement:

Workshop for Leaders in French: Leading in Difficult Times

As part of its commitment to supporting leadership across all areas of French Studies, the AUPHF+ is hosting a day-long workshop in Cardiff University on 24 March 2018.  Leading in Difficult Times will explore the importance of advocacy for MFL at national level, the challenges and opportunities for promoting languages at institutional level, the experience of leading on an equality strategy, and the role and value of mentorship in leadership development.


9.30-10.15:    Registration

10.15-10.30:  Claire Gorrara, AUPHF+ President: Welcome and MFL advocacy in the UK

10.30-11.15   Rachael Langford: Head of the School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University

11.15-11.30:  COFFEE

11.30-1.00:    Mentoring session, Sally Blake, Cardiff University, mentoring trainer

1.00-2.00:      LUNCH

2.00-2.45:      Charles Forsdick, AHRC Theme Leadership Fellow for ‘Translating Cultures’, Liverpool University, 
                      REF2021 Sub-Panel Chair Modern Languages and Linguistics

2.45-3.30:      Claire Moran: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Athena Swan and Languages, Queen’s UniversityBelfast

3.00-3.30:      Round up and next steps


Hayden Ellis Building, Cardiff University, Maindy Road, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ


Please click here to go to the Eventbrite page: Registration for 'Leading in Difficult Times'


The workshop is free for all AUPHF+ members. The fee for non-members is £30, but this includes a year-long membership of the Association for any colleague, at whatever career stage, who is undertaking a leadership role in French Studies. Payment cannot be made by the Eventbrite site. Please register on Eventbrite for a member's ticket and either pay for the workshop at the event on 24th March or by cheque to the Honorary Treasurer, Prof. Margaret Topping (Dean of the Graduate School, Graduate School, Queen's University Belfast, BT7 1NN) 

Brexit roundtable at the 2017 SFS Annual Conference

AUPHF+ sponsored a four-nations discussion of Brexit and languages at the Society of French Studies conference in Durham in July 2017. Stephen Forcer from Birmingham University spoke about the context in English, Margaret Topping on Northern Ireland, Jim Simpson on Scotland and Claire Gorrara on Wales. All speakers highlighted the specifics of their national contexts, influenced by British and devolved educational policy towards languages and multilingualism. The debate following the presentations highlighted the different positions for modern languages within the primary and secondary school sectors across the 4 nations and their relationship to indigenous languages, where there was often investment and a national strategy. Debate focused on the importance for modern linguists of having access to key government policy makers responsible for language policy and the potential advantages of greater proximity for colleagues in devolved administrations. All speakers recognised the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit’s impact on public understanding and appreciation of modern languages. Please click here for further information. 

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